Numerical Simulation of Groundwater

Hohai University| Updated: September 18, 2020 L M S

About the course

Numerical simulation is one of the main techniques for simulating groundwater flow and evaluating groundwater resources. With the rapid development of groundwater and computer science, numerical simulation methods for groundwater analysis are gaining prominence and its application as well as the benefits of groundwater resources development has become enormous.

This course systematically describes the fundamentals of groundwater numerical simulation methods, the calibration and its application processes, commonly used software, and real-life examples. This course is divided into eight (8) chapters. Chapters 1 and 2 mainly introduces the concepts and fundamental knowledge of groundwater numerical simulation methods. Chapter 3 introduces the very important step involved in building a mathematical model — conceptual model. Chapters 4 and 5 give a more detailed introduction to the boundary conditions as well as sources and sinks in the conceptual model. Chapter 6 tells us how to calibrate and apply the model. Chapter 7 gives a brief introduction to Visual MODFLOW software. Finally, chapter 8 shows the general application of groundwater numerical simulation with several case studies.

In this course, through concise and vivid language, Prof. Longcang Shu teaches students the knowledge related to groundwater numerical simulation and develops their professional intelligence. Prof. Longcang Shu also imparts concepts, theorems, and formulas through narration, description, explanation, and deduction, and guides students to analyze and understand problems.

About the teacher

束龙仓老师照片.pngShu Longcang is a professor of Hydrogeology from Hohai University. He is specialized in groundwater exploitation and risk analysis, interactions between groundwater and surface water, groundwater dynamics of fissures water and karstic water, interaction between groundwater and eco-environments. He lectures courses such as Higher Groundwater Dynamics for Doctoral degree candidates and Numerical Simulation of Groundwater for Master’s degree candidates. Over 80 scientific research projects funded by the Nation and some ministries were secured, supervised, and completed by him. Over 250 papers and 16 books (such as Groundwater Resources Management, Groundwater Resources Exploitation at Early Stage of the 21st Century in China, Groundwater Protection, Groundwater Reservoir Construction, and many others) were published.

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