Ship Management

Jiangsu Shipping College| Updated: September 18, 2020 L M S

About the course

"Ship management" is one of the core courses of marine engineering technology major in higher vocational colleges, and also one of the compulsory course for Marine Engineers (third Engineer). The course includes ship seaworthiness control, ship pollution prevention, ship operation safety management, ship safety emergency treatment, ship personnel management and engine room resource management.  This course adopts teaching methods such as on-site teaching and case analysis to assist students to understand the course content that includes ship's basic structure, ship safety production, ship personnel management and engine room resource management. Students' ability of analysis, logical reasoning, accident judgment and handling will also be cultivated to lay a theoretical and practical foundation for scientific production and management of ships in the future and ensure safe, reliable and economic operation of ships.

This course is awarded as an excellent English teaching course for foreign students by the educational department of Jiangsu province. It is mainly for foreign students and domestic ocean-going ship's engineers. It is taught in English language with electronic courseware, micro lectures, animation and practical teaching video.

This course pays more attention to students' thoughts and requirements in the process of the curriculum teaching system designing. This course aims to promote the realization of the overall goal of the course in line with to the characteristics of the higher vocational students. During teaching process, we fully respect each student's individual feature. The teaching philosophy of this course is to teach students how to learn, how to work and how to cooperate with others.

About the teacher

老师照片-140.jpgZhu Yongxiang is the professor of Jiangsu Shipping College, chief engineer of ocean-going ship, Winner of China Maritime youth striving Award,famous teacher of National Transportation Vocational Education and famous teacher of Jiangsu transportation system. He has successively won one first prize and one second class of national teaching achievement, one special award and two first prize of Jiangsu Province teaching achievement.

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