General Chemistry

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About the course

General Chemistry is a professional fundamental course (compulsory course) for students of chemical engineering majors. It enables students to acquire basic knowledge and sound skills which are essential for those who engage in fields such as chemical production, environmental engineering, biological engineering, food production and analysis and so on. The General Chemistry teaching team initiated the "3C" teaching concept based on modern vocational education ideas relying on "Internet plus education". The first "C" is the concept of Green Chemical. The second "C" is the concept of competence training. The third "C" is the idea of cultivating creative thinking.

The course objectives are presented as follows. Acquire the basic content knowledge in chemistry. Grasp the basic principles and master fundamental skills for conducting experiments. Be able to apply their knowledge and skills to practice. Be capable of analyzing and solving chemistry-related problems. Become more innovative. Be more aware of protecting the environment. Be more alert to safety issues. Get well prepared for the follow-up study and work.

General Chemistry focuses on the composition,structure, properties, and reactions of matter, esp. atomic and molecular systems. The teaching contents contain 6T6P. 6T means six theoretical modules; 6P means six practical modules combining knowledge with practice. The topic includes: Chemical Basic Knowledge, Chemical Equilibrium, Chemical Analysis Technology, Organic Compound, Matter Aggregation State, Chemical Reaction Rate and Chemical Thermodynamics. The total teaching hours are 102.

Discussion teaching, Situated teaching, Theory and Practice integrated teaching and Task-driven teaching and Models teaching are widely used in this course. There are some extracurriculum activities are also organized. Results-oriented and Process-based assessment will be conducted in the course to track the students' development.

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About the teacher

课程负责人照片-gerenal chemistry.jpgHu Hong, Professor, Director of General Chemistry, is "Qinglan Project" Excellent young teacher training program of Jiangsu Province and "333 training program for high-level talents" of Jiangsu Province who conducted visiting research at Monash University through "Jiangsu Overseas Research & Training Program for University Prominent Young & Middle-aged Teachers and Presidents" sponsoring by the Department of Education of Jiangsu Province. She got main awards including Special grade prize of Jiangsu Teaching achievement, Second prize of national Teaching achievement, First class award of excellent undergraduate thesis, First prize supervisor and Second prize supervisor of National vocational skill competition etc.

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