Geographical Information System

Nanjing Normal University| Updated: September 18, 2020 L M S

About the course

Geographical information system (GIS) is a newly high-tech discipline which has integrated the advantage of Geography, mapping and Surveying, Computer Science together. "Geographical information system" is the first major course of GIS undergraduate. The course is offered in the first semester of the second academic year. Through this course, students will have a deep and thorough understanding of basic conception, methodology and technology of geographical information system. The main content of this course includes: basic conception of GIS, the features and development of GIS; GIS data model; GIS data structure; Spatial Data Organization and Management; spatial analysis and visualization; transmission of geographic information; etc. The course focuses on strengthening the special analysis ability as well as the practice ability on the basis of knowledge education, using the methodology of research-oriented teaching. The course won the national quality courses in 2004.

About the teacher

教师照片-140.jpgTANG Guoan is professor of school of geography, Nanjing Normal University, also a famous GIS educator and researcher in China. His research interests focus on GIS spatial analysis, digital terrain analysis and digital geomorphology. He has hosted over 8 National Natural Science Foundation of China (including 2 key projects). He has won the "national outstanding teacher", "National outstanding college faculty", "Outstanding college faculty of Jiangsu Province", and "Ten thousand-Talent Program (Outstanding teachers)". The "Textbook of Geographical Information System" edited by Tang is currently the best-selling GIS textbook in China.

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