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About the course

"Neurobiology" is the study of nerve cells, and the ways in which they are organized to form nervous systems which mediate animal behaviors. It is an important mainly subject of life science, and to be the fastest developing forward subject in life science today. The aim of neurobiology is to understand how the brain works. This is a big challenge. To reduce the complexity of the problem, neuroscientists break it into smaller pieces for systematic experimental analysis. What is often called the level of analysis. In ascending order of complexity, these levels are molecular, cellular, systems, behavioral, and cognitive. Our course tries to explore the brain functions in these levels and introduce some major disorders of nervous system to students. We start with the cells of the nervous system—their structure, function, and means of communication. Later, we will explore how these cells are assembled into circuits that mediate sensation, perception, movement, speech, and emotion. The textbook we used is "Neuroscience: exploring the brain", edited by Dr. Mark F. Bear. Our teaching group consists of young and middle-aged experts who have rich experience in research and teaching. All of the group members had oversea experience and good at oral English. In charge of modern information technology, our course is carried on by blending learning online and offline simultaneously.

About the teacher

教师照片-140.jpgDr. Jin Tao is a distinguished professor in Medical College of Soochow University. He got his Ph.D. degree in Pharmacology in Nanjing Medical University (jointed trained in National University of Singapore), and then completed his postdoc at Washington University in St. Louis. He joined the Neurobiology department of Soochow University in 2009, and is currently the director of the Centre for Ion Channelopathies and Vice Dean of the School of Basic Medicine. He established a research lab to identify novel molecular and cellular targets for the development of new abortive and prophylactic therapeutics for migraine and other chronic pain disorders. 

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