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About the course

Tuina is a compulsory course for overseas post graduate students. According to the characteristics of international students' education, it pays attention to the training of students' basic knowledge, theories and skills, links theory with practice, strengthens practice and improves clinical practice. The course has a reasonable structure with highly educated senior title of professional teachers. The course team teachers all have more than 5 years for international education students "tuina" and as the editor in chief, the team published standardized teaching textbook of "tuina"(The People's Medical Publishing House + CD (English)).

The teaching time is short and the teaching content is many in the theoretical teaching of tuina, using a variety of teaching methods to improve students' acceptance is an inevitable choice. The teaching methods usually include systematic teaching, PBL, CBL and so on.

The teaching of this course is mainly composed of four modules: the first part is an introduction to tuina, which includes a brief history of the development of tuina, its basic concepts, basic principles, treatment principles and common diagnostic methods; The second part is the manipulations, which includes the basic tuina manipulations and human body operations; The third part is the treatment of common diseases, including common gynecological diseases, spinal and limb joint soft tissue injury; The fourth part is the pediatric tuina, including specific points and therapeutic methods for pediatric common diseases.

About the teachers

Course lecturers:

ChuanYun Wu.jpg

Yunchuan Wu

Professor, graduate tutor of Nanjing University of TCM, Chief physician

Ying Xiong.jpg

Ying Xiong

Associate professor, graduate tutor of Nanjing University of TCM, associate chief physician

JianZhu Wang.jpg

Jianzhu Wang

Lecturer of Nanjing University of TCM, attending doctor

XiaoCun Yang.jpg

Xiaocun Yang

Lecturer of Nanjing University of TCM, attending doctor

Xie Xu.jpg

Course editor

Xie Xu

Lecturer of Nanjing University of TCM, attending doctor

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