Pharmaceutical Analysis

Jiangsu University| Updated: September 18, 2020 L M S

About the course

Pharmaceutical Analysis provides a thorough introduction to the principles and methods of pharmaceutical drug analysis specifically for the undergraduate students. It focuses on the establishment and development of quality control methods of drugs and their preparations. It includes "General Aspects" of pharmaceutical analysis which covers standards and guidelines for pharmaceuticals, identification methods, drug purity and its control, quantitative analysis and its validation, analysis of pharmaceutical preparations, analysis of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its preparations, analysis of biological product and the latest analytical technologies. Furthermore, it also provides various specific examples on drug quality control to highlight implications of the primary goal of pharmaceutical analysis is to assure drug quality.

Bio-pharmaceutical Analysis is a sub-discipline of Pharmaceutical Analysis, covering the quantitative and qualitative measurement of drugs and their metabolites in biological systems.

Grading for this course will be done by daily attendance, quizzes, presentations, semi and final exams.

The highlight of this course is its Case-based Learning (CBL) curriculum. Under CBL mode, the students are motivated for effective learning rather than just the dispensing of information. It can help students develop skills in analytical thinking and reflective judgment. We also established an on-line course on Super Star Learning Platform. The functions of the web-based learning system include English syllabus and course description, assignments, introduction of teaching stuff, course materials, experiments and some English videos. It is conveniently accessed for the students in anytime, anyplace. We compiled corresponding textbooks for Pharmaceutical Analysis and Pharmaceutical Analysis Experiment in English edition and was approved as "Provincial Excellent English-Taught Courses for Foreign Students by Jiangsu Universities" in 2020.

About the teacher

教师照片-童珊珊.jpgWe have a teaching team of ten excellent scholars and teachers in Pharmaceutical Analysis. Dr. Shanshan Tong is the leader of this course. She published more than 40 papers in pharmaceutical sciences, and served on the editorial boards of Journal of Jiangsu University (medicine edition). She is also an editor-in-chief of the textbook Pharmaceutical Analysis for Pharmacy Students. She joined Jiangsu University School of Pharmacy in 1998, initially as an Assistant Professor and currently as a Professor. Dr. Tong's current work is focused on the development of affinity chromatography and acquisition of active natural compounds in combination of high-throughput screening technology.

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