International Trade Theory and Practice

Jiangsu Normal University| Updated: September 18, 2020 L M S

About the course

International Trade Theory and Practice,a discipline that studies the laws of the exchange of goods and services between countries, has formed a systematic international trade theory system after hundreds of years of development in the West. As Chinese enterprises frequently participate in the increasingly complex and diversified international market, this course has become a professional core course for economics and management majors, especially plays a very important position in the international trade teaching. Basically, the course is a comprehensive application subject with strong practicality, which involves the basic theories of international trade theory and policies, international trade customs and practices, international finance, international transportation, insurance and etc. Thus, the course consists of two parts: theory and practice. The theoretical part introduces the basic theories of the development of international trade, the main policies and measures in international trade and the development trend of international economic and trade. Meanwhile, for solving practical problems, the professional knowledge and skills of import and export business, international trade customs and practices and international trade legal knowledge are also concentrated on.

In order to meet the needs of the internationalization in higher education, the course is set as a degree course for foreign undergraduate students majoring in international economics and trade in Jiangsu Normal University, enabling students to understand the interactions and contacts between different countries and solve economic issues under the conditions of open economy. After the course, students should have a clear understanding of the development clues of international trade theory, various economic effects of international trade policies, the evolution of international trade policies, and the international coordination of international trade, as well as the ability to analyze the coordination of different international trade policies, the trend of international trade policies, the international trade effects of important domestic policies, and the international trade practices.

About the teacher

照片像素140-200.jpgShijin Wang, Professor, deputy dean of Business School of Jiangsu Normal University, master tutor, the outstanding backbone teacher of the Qinglan Project of Jiangsu Province and the Excellent Youth in Social Science of Jiangsu Province. He is mainly responsible for international student teaching and international exchanges, dedicated to teaching courses such as "International Trade Theory and Practice", "International Economics" and "Economics" for international masters and undergraduates.

Engaging in international trade and environmental management research, he has published many papers as the first author in this field, including 10 SSCI/SCI, as well as 1 monograph and 1 key textbook of Jiangsu Province. Meanwhile, he presided over a number of projects, involving 2 general projects of the National Social Science Foundation, 1 key project of Philosophy and Social Science in Jiangsu Province, 1 project of the Humanities and Social Science Research Youth Project of the Ministry of Education, and 1 Youth of the Jiangsu Provincial Social Science Foundation project.

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