Money and Banking

Nanjing Audit University| Updated: September 18, 2020 L M S

About the course

Money and Banking is an essential subject in Nanjing Audit University. Every student can register the course, and for most of them, the course is a compulsory one. The enrollment of this course is over two thousands each year. So the discipline plays an important role in the education programs of Nanjing Audit University.

This course tries to give the students a comprehensive and systematic instruction of the development, operation mechanism and movement about finance. The characteristics of the course is requiring course structure which is based on monetary and financial theory, refining and absorption of new achievements of financial research in recent years, introducing western business economics and financial theory. It provides opportunities for Chinese students to know international banking operations and financial theories.

In order to develop the ability of students on learning and also analyzing and solving problems, the teaching team did a thorough reform on teaching methods.  Not spoon-feeding, not endless chalk and talk, but a series of interactive heuristic teaching methods used, such as case study, discussion, cooperative learning and so on. All these efforts improve the classroom teaching and learning: learning interest enhanced, understanding improved. Besides, there are presentation assignments for students so that learning is not only in classroom but also outside the classroom. Presentation assignments will definitely help students' self-access learning.

About the teachers

Yajuan Lu 140-200.jpg

Yajuan Lu, professor, the head of the teaching team, holds a PhD in management from Nanjing Agricultural University, an MSc Economics from Nanjing University. She is a member of the teaching steering committee for financial majors, Ministry of Education, the outstanding young and middle-aged  key teacher  in the "Blue Project" held by the Education Department of Jiangsu province, one of top talent in six important fields by Jiangsu province, and one of the third-level trainee of "333 Project" in Jiangsu Province. She was being a visiting scholar in Cornell University of United States for one year .

Wei Hua 140-200.jpg

Wei Hua, born in April, 1983, owes an overseas education background. got a Ph.D in Financial Economics in University of New Orleans and Msc in Banking and Finance in Loughborough University. The current areas of interest are emerging markets, corporate finance, and IPO. The main teaching courses are Equity Investment and Portfolio Management, Investment, and Ethical and Professional Standards (CFA). Participation in various national, provincial and ministerial-level projects.Dr Hua is an experienced teacher with powerful ability of teaching. So his classroom goes with a nice teaching effect.

Chonghui Yang 140-200.jpg

Chonghui Yang ,a lecturer, works with Finance school of Nanjing Audit University. She usually has classes taught in English, such as International Finance, International Settlement and Financial Reporting and Analysis(CFA program). Mz. Yang began her career in 2001 in Nanjing. She worked with Finance school of Nanjing Audit University since 2002. Mz. Yang focuses on the field of international finance. Mz. Yang holds a BA from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and a MA from Nanjing University.Her classroom was preferred by registered students.She is a very good teacher.

Li Xu 140-200.jpg

Li Xu, Assistant Professor in Institute of Banking and Money of Nanjing Audit University.

She received her Bachelor's degree in Economics from Nanjing Tech University, Master's degree in Finance from Louisiana State University, and Doctorate degree in Finance from University of New Orleans. Her research interests include corporate finance, risk management, market micro structure and shadow banking. She started to teach finance related courses to undergraduate students, graduate students and doctorate students since 2012, and courses she taught are financial management, money and banking, financial derivatives, fixed income securities.

Yuan Tian 140-200.jpg

Dr Yuan Tian is currently an assistant professor of economics at Institute of Economics and Finance, Nanjing Audit University.Yuan Tian's research interests are largely in monetary economics, international economics and financial economics. Yuan Tian has been teaching several compulsory courses including Money Banking and Financial Markets, Principles of Macroeconomics and Financial Econometrics, all of which are taught in English.Yuan Tian holds a PhD in Economics from Loughborough University (UK), an MSc Economics and Finance from University of York (UK) and a BSc Economics from Nanjing Agricultural University (China).

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