Exploring Forestry and Forest Products in China

Nanjing Forestry University| Updated: September 18, 2020 L M S

About the course

Chinese government has given high priority to forestry development. Especially, since the 21st century, China made a series of strategies for forestry development and initiated a series of important forestry policies and regulations in the interests of social and economic development. Moreover, China has established a modern industrial system for the manufacturing and sale of forest products driven by market and institutional forces, and China has also become the world's major trader of forest products.

China's rapid development of forestry and forest products industry has attracted much international attention. This course aims to providing the international students in Nanjing Forestry University with a comprehensive understanding of how China's forestry and forest products industry have made great achievements, the China's forestry reform and development model, and possible enlightenments for the international community.

The course 'Exploring Forestry & Forest Products in China' covers a number of categories of forestry and forest products industry in China, including the forest resources in China, the forestry development and reform in China, application of remote sensing in Chinese forestry, the development of wood industry in China and China's wood furniture industry as well as bamboo resources and utilization. Each can be an individual topic; however, these parts are closely related and integrated in the Chinese unprecedented vision to build an 'Ecological Civilization' and green economy.

The course is delivered in English. International students are strongly encouraged to compare the systems, policies and technologies with those in their countries or regions, thereby understanding China in the global context. Students are also expected to develop their analytical skills and teamwork during the course.

About the teacher

Teacher Photo.jpgDr. Jiangang Zhu, MSc in Wood Science & Technology, Ph.D in Wood Science & Technology, visiting scholar in Florence University (2004-2005), is currently the Dean of College of International Education of Nanjing Forestry University. His teaching and research interests focus on Furniture Design and Manufacturing, Informatization in the Furnishings Manufacturing Industry, Forestry International Education, etc. He has more than 20 scientific publications as the first author.

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