International Business Planning

Jiangsu University.| Updated: September 18, 2020 L M S

About the course

International Business Planning is designed for college students to learn about the major functions of business and how they are interrelated, and provide them a step-by-step guide to working out a complete plan of starting an international new venture. Following the principle of "learning by doing", the course not only introduces the basic principles and knowledge of business planning, but also guide the student to apply professional knowledge and analytical tools of Strategic Management, Marketing, Business Organization and Financial Planning and develop plans for starting up new ventures. 

Taking the form of task-driven teaching, case study and team working, the course experience begins with brainstorming and bringing up an innovative ideas meets the specific needs in domestic or foreign markets, followed by carrying out opportunity assessment, designing prototype of products or services, analyzing market and competition, and ends with writing a comprehensive business plan and making a dynamic oral presentation. Through the whole journey of idea generation, market & competition analysis, business model designing, organization building, marketing and financial planning, and coping with special issues of international business, the students get familiar with the process and laws of business planning process, enhances their innovative consciousness, strategic thinking, skills of writing business plan, and most importantly, lead them into the world of opportunities open to them as entrepreneurs.

About the teacher

杨丽丽.jpgYang Lili is Associate Prof. and Master Supervisor in School of Finance and Economics, Jiangsu University. She got her Dr. Degree in Management Science & Engineering, and once visited Konstanz University of Applied Science, Germany. She has been engaged in teaching and studying International Trade and Investment, Transnational Corporation Management for more than 20 years, and published 20 academic papers, report and/or textbooks. She is well experienced and skillful in teaching international students, and developed two national/provincial Excellent Courses taught in English. Under her instruction and guidance, three foreign students successfully set up their trading business in or with China.

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