International Economic Law

Nanjing University| Updated: September 18, 2020 L M S

About the course

This course is designed for law majors or programs in related disciplines and lawyers whose work relates to international transaction and regulation. The notion of ‘International Economic Law' encompasses a complex architecture of rules governing international economic transactions and related regulations by private actors, States, and international organizations. The subject matter examined would be appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate courses in law schools.

This course uses Ray August's International Business Law (sixth edition, Person, 2013) and Matthias Herdegen's Principles of International Economic Law (second edition, Oxford, 2016) as teaching materials, which provide a comprehensive look at critical issues and functions in the global legal environment. One goal of this course is to highlight the major issues confronting those individuals and companies who do business globally. The interaction between domestic legal system and international legal system is also underlined.

This course gives students from many cultures and traditions a good look at the overall structure of international economic law. It should also prove useful for legal practitioners who need an effective overview of nation-to-nation relations, multinational enterprises, dispute settlement across national borders, and rules for global trade in goods and services. Special treatment is given to global legal issues in foreign investment, money and banking, sales, transportation, and financing.

About the teachers


Dr. Peng yue is the Professor of Law at Nanjing University Law School. His scholarly expertise spans the areas of international law in the China legal system and the international economic law, and his courses include International Economic law, Philosophy of International Law, and International Finance Law.


Dr. Sun wen is the Associate Professor at Nanjing University Law School and Academic Dean of HNC. She began teaching at the Nanjing University School of Law in 1999. Professor Sun's research interests cover international commercial law, international trade law, and recently, legal issues of culture property.

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