Children's Development and Education in China

Nanjing Normal University| Updated: September 18, 2020 L M S

About the course
The program is the right place for students who are interested in a career or currently working with young children, in early care and education settings outside of a formal elementary grade school setting. This non-degree course is an excellent start on a path to a better understanding of this topic in Chinese context. This is an advanced course that utilizes the theories and field experience as central approaches to early childhood education in China.

A variety of instructional methods will be used in this lecture - possibilities include lectures, guest speakers, small and large group discussions, brainstorming, video or DVD, role-play, debates, demonstrations, games, case studies, group activity projects, hands-on class participation activities and a variety of readings, field work and assignments to be completed outside of class.

Overseas students plan to be preschool teachers and early childhood specialists, other students plan to work in the field of early education while they continue their education in preparation for careers in the fields of elementary education, and a variety of other child focused vocations. We invite you to explore this course and learn more about Children's Education in China.

Students completing this program will be able to:

Ø  Communicate their understanding of Early Childhood Education in China through written, oral and visual presentations.

Ø  Demonstrate an understanding of the past and current early childhood education in China, as well as the trends and of the needs of young children by developing and maintaining healthy, safe, respectful, challenging and culturally responsive learning environments.

Ø  View themselves as an early childhood education professional and, through the practice of reflection, critically assess their own teaching experiences to continuously guide and inform their practice.

About the teachers


Dr. Yueyan Du, visiting scholar of Indiana University, USA. She focuses on arts education.

Dr. Ying Tao, graduated from the University of Western Australia. She focuses on science education.

Dr. Li Zheng, visiting scholar of Pennsylvania State University, USA. She focuses on early language development and reading.

Dr. liangjin Guo, visiting scholar of University Lincoln, USA. She focuses on early childhood assessment and curriculum.

Dr. Haiyue Jin, graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She focuses on mathematics education and international comparative.

Dr. Xuefeng Qiao, graduated from Chinese University of Hong Kong.
He focuses on teacher education and comparative education.

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