Chinese Business Culture

Suzhou Institute of Trade and Commerce| Updated: September 18, 2020 L M S

About the course

Chinese Business Culture is a compulsory course designed and set up specifically for international students and people interested in doing business in China. It is a public course in humanities and business qualities, with a total of 64 lessons per semester.

This course aims to use business culture as a carrier to enable international students to better understand Chinese business values, spirit,  system, etiquette and customs to cultivate international students with a good experience in China and to enhance the international students' recognition of China's business environment and Chinese culture, which will prepare them for doing business with Chinese people.

This course was developed on the basis of the courses of Chinese Business Culture and Etiquette and Differences between Chinese and Western Cultures. It has experienced three stages of learning, exploration, reform and innovation since 2014. In terms of teaching methods, rich methods have been adopted according to the characteristics of foreign students, such as task-driven teaching methods, discussion methods and project teaching methods to actively explore information-based teaching. In terms of teaching resources, relying on Suzhou's rich business resources such as Suzhou Museum, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou Folklore Museum, and various business skills training rooms, it greatly enriches the teaching space and experience.

Since its open in 2014, the course Chinese Business Culture has been welcomed and praised by international students. Of course, at the same time, the curriculum team also saw its own shortcomings in the construction of teaching materials. In the future, we will continue to work harder and strive to build a better English course for international students.

About the teachers

1. Zhang Ming.jpg

1. Zhang Ming, Associate Professor in Suzhou Institute of Trade & Commerce, Master of Management, Director of Academic Affairs Office, teacher of the courses New Practical English, Differences between Chinese and Western Culture , Chinese Business Culture. 

2.Wu Rufei.jpg

2. Wu Rufei, Associate Professor, Master of Management, Registered International Education Teacher (CHE) of American Hotel Association Education Institute.

3.Liu Huan.png

3. Liu Huan, Associate Professor, Master of Computer Application Technology, Head of E-commerce major, cultivation target of Green Blue Project in Jiangsu Province. 

4.Shao Lin.jpg

4. Shao Lin, Master of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics.

5. Yi Zhoujie.jpg

5. Yi Zhoujie, Research Assistant.

6. Zhuang Yu.jpg

6. Zhuang Yu, Master of Pedagogy.

7. Wang Xingang.jpg

7. Wang Xingang , Research Assistant.

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