From Creation to Business

Jiangnan University| Updated: September 18, 2020 L M S

About the course

From Creation to Business is an inter-disciplinary course which will integrates design, management, marketing and business. The course will focus on the relationship between design and business, introducing design knowledge to start-up company and developed companies from the perspective of design driven innovation. In further, to re-understand design origin from the framework of organizational changing.

The course will provide effective approaches and methods of design to enhance business development from the view of design, and to simulate building or rebuilding the design system of an enterprise through the way of design thinking. Along with the theoretical study, some interesting and representative cases will also be shared, such as Dyson, Alessi,Nespresso, and the beetles car, etc, in order to help you to better understand how was an initial idea becoming a great success.

Lectures are composed by four main modules: Design Strategy and decision making, Brand Building, Product Service System Design (PSSD), Business Model & Business Plan.

Some reference readings are recommended for further learning along the course going, and let's begin the exploration journey of from creation to business.

The final assignment is to design a business system for a start-up company or for a developed brand. We will make effort to enlighten design thinking on innovation and creativity, to integrate design thinking into simulation or a developed brand, we will make design closer to market and business activities, and to make commercialization of creativities to be possible.

Some reference readings are recommended at the end of the course for further learning.

About the teacher

江南大学-钱晓波-140.jpgDr. Xiaobo QIAN is an associate professor of Jiangnan University, School of Design. She got PhD degree from Politecnico di Milano in 2011, and currently she is the director of product design program, the head of JNU-POLIMI joint lab Brand Future Experience Design.

Her research field focuses on strategic design and design management, PSS.Design, and she has deep study and practice on these topics, especially on mass customization in furniture sector integrated design strategy, service and experience design.

All materials are contributed by Jiangnan University.