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​Jiangsu issues guidelines on labor, art, physical education

english.jsjyt.edu.cn| Updated: September 27, 2021 L M S

East China's Jiangsu province has issued three guidelines on improving labor, art, and physical education in its schools.

According to the guidelines on labor education, primary and middle school students should have at least one class hour every week for labor education, while professional school students should have 16 class hours and college students should have 32 class hours. High school students should take no fewer than six credits in labor education.

Government departments, schools, and parents are urged to work together to ensure primary and middle school students do housework for at least two hours every week and master one or two life skills every year.

Bases and platforms for labor education will be established as well. Jiangsu now has 17 national-level hands-on education bases and over 60 provincial-level off-campus bases. More than 3 million primary and middle school students participate in labor education activities outside school.

As for art education, there should be two music lessons and two art lessons every week for primary school students and one music lesson and one art lesson for middle school students. High school students should take six credits each in music and art lessons.

The variety of such lessons should also be increased. Courses on calligraphy, seal carving, dancing, acting, sculpture, photography and other arts can be offered to students.

In addition, schools are encouraged to hold annual cultural and art festivals and form art troupes.

With regard to physical education, primary school students should take four PE classes, while middle and high school students should have at least three PE classes every week. Students should master one or two sports, and schools are required to hold sports meets every year.

In addition, public sports stadiums in Jiangsu are urged to offer free entry or discounted tickets to students.