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​Hohai University international students visit memorial hall

english.jsjyt.edu.cn| Updated: November 2, 2021 L M S


International students from Hohai University attend a lecture about John Rabe in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu province. [Photo/WeChat account: jng1937]

Forty international students from the International School of Hohai University visited the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders on Nov 2 to participate in an activity held by Purple Grass International Peace School.

The students, who come from 18 countries, visited an exhibition about the Nanjing Massacre which happened in 1937 when Japanese troops captured the city.

Chen Weigang, an official of the international school, said that educators should "sow the seeds of peace in the hearts of young international students" via peace education to motivate them to promote the sustainable development of diverse civilizations and participate in sharing development benefits with all mankind.

The school will continue to organize international students to carry out peace education at the memorial hall and organize more Chinese youths to be volunteers, said Chen.

After the visit, a lecture about John Rabe, who led foreigners in bravely stepping forward to protect Chinese people in Nanjing in 1937, was given to students.

One of the students, Criss from Venezuela, praised Rabe and said that he would like to spread Rabe's history and peace values when he returns to Venezuela. He added that he wanted to be a messenger of peace and friendship, as well as establish friendly relationships with Chinese students.

Jhandre Intriago from Ecuador said that the horrors of the Nanjing Massacre reminded him of the significance of peace and that younger generations had the mission to preserve and spread peace for the present and the future.