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​Jiangsu to help college students start careers

english.jsjyt.edu.cn| Updated: April 15, 2022 L M S

East China's Jiangsu province will launch a campaign aimed at helping college students find employment or start businesses, according to a document recently released by six provincial administrations, including departments of human resources and social security, education, and science and technology.

The campaign will last from April to the end of 2022 and comprises five major tasks.

First, related departments will inform students about favorable policies on financial support and talent attraction as well as the application requirements and procedures.

To encourage students to start their own undertakings, universities are urged to partner with entrepreneurship demonstration parks to provide incubators, training sessions, research and development support and investments. Student-led projects that have bright market prospects, involve high technologies, and can offer many jobs will receive subsidies worth a maximum of 100,000 yuan ($15,689.47).

A variety of entrepreneurship competitions will also be held to facilitate exchanges between students, investors, technology suppliers and markets.

In addition, Jiangsu will hold 10 lectures and 10 salons to invite experts to share their experiences and guide students on making career development plans. Ten simulated programs will also be initiated to allow students to learn about corporate operations, market environment, business rules and professional skills.

The province will also develop a series of training courses on its strategic emerging industries, such as information technology, new materials, new energy and digital economy.

Meanwhile, Jiangsu will post job advertisements on multiple platforms and hold a slew of job fairs to help graduates find employment.