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Zhenjiang, a beautiful city known as "home of sweet and sour", is situated on the crossway of the Yangtze River and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and connects Shanghai to the east and Nanjing to the west.

It administrates three county-level cities of Danyang, Jurong and Yangzhong and five districts of Dantu, Jingkou, Runzhou, Zhenjiang High-Tech Zone and Zhenjiang New District.

Covering an area of 3,840 square kilometers, the city has a population of 3.22 million as of 2021. Zhenjiang has become a new and developing city combining port, industry, commerce and trade, and tourism among the Yangtze River Delta region.


In 2022, the city achieved a GDP of 501.704 billion yuan, general public budget revenue of 34.38 billion yuan, and per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents of 61,552yuan and 33,129 yuan respectively.

History & Culture

Zhenjiang is a famous historical and cultural city, top tourist city, national hygienic city as well as state model city for environmental protection. It features picturesque scenery and rich cultural deposit, having cultivated many great celebrities throughout the history, such as Shen Kuo, Xin Qiji, Wang Anshi, Liu Xie and Wang Changling.

One of the most intriguing legends associated with Zhenjiang, Tale of the White Snake, spread over generations through Chinese folklore. It depicts a fantastic love story of a magic white snake thousands of years old reuniting with her human lover. This folk story has been adopted, edited and played in many Chinese folk operas, novels and movies.


As of 2022, the city has 9 colleges and universities, including Jiangsu University and Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, and over 20 secondary vocational schools.