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Why Jiangsu

english.jsjyt.edu.cn| Updated: April 11, 2023 L M S

Jiangsu overview [Video provided to english.jsjyt.edu.cn]

Jiangsu is located along the eastern coast of China and with a highly developed economy and many ancient historic sites; it has become a fascinating province for international as well as Chinese tourists.


Jiangsu is situated between east longitude 116°21' and 121°56', north latitude 30°45' and 35°08'. Jiangsu faces the Yellow Sea in the east, bordering Shandong province in the north, Anhui province in the west, and Shanghai and Zhejiang province in the southeast. Owing to its advantageous geographic location and easy access to a vast hinterland, Jiangsu province is becoming one of the most developed provinces in China.

Located in the beautiful and prosperous Yangtze River Delta (YRD) region, Jiangsu thus enjoys the authenticity of its natural scenery while simultaneous maintaining a solid economic foundation, making it an idealistic destination for business, tourism or study. The YRD city group constituted by Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang has become on the six world-class city groups.

From the beginning of China's economic reform to the subsequent entry into the world economy nearly 40 years ago, Jiangsu province has worked extensively to foster its economic roots within China and the global economy. Jiangsu's economic and social development has made remarkable achievements. In 2022, Jiangsu registered regional GDP of 12.29 trillion yuan ($1.78 trillion), a year-on-year growth of 2.8 percent. The per capita GDP was 144,400 yuan, up 2.5 percent year on year.


Jiangsu landscapes [Photo/jiangsu.gov.cn]

It comes as no surprise that the numbers of international students enrolling in universities in Jiangsu has been on the rise since the inception of the study tour program. Jiangsu has always attempted to foster relationships with international students, but with the current development of the Chinese economy and the overall globalization of the world, many barriers have been removed, allowing those wishing to study outside of their home country to do so in China. These exchanges are seen as mutually beneficial as they give the student international experience while also create future economic ties between China and the student's home countries, planting the seed for economic development and allowing the student to be immersed in the Chinese language and culture.


Nanjing University in Jiangsu province [Photo/jiangsu.gov.cn]


Carrying the aim to make education to the satisfaction of the people, Jiangsu has strived to create a good and friendly environment for learning and teaching, and effectively reduce the burden on students and teachers in primary and middle schools.

The province's spending on education is expected to amount to 400 billion yuan ($59.17 billion) in 2022. Fifty senior high schools were built or renovated in Jiangsu, increasing total enrollment capacity by 44,000, and 13 university dormitory construction projects were launched last year.

During the same period, 134 kindergartens were recognized as provincial-level high-quality kindergartens by the Jiangsu government, and more than 90 percent of primary and middle school students and their parents expressed satisfaction with the after-class services schools provide.

In the 2022 National Vocational College Skills Competition, schools from Jiangsu won 135 first-place prizes, 46 second-place prizes and 22 third-place prizes, making it the province's best showing ever at the competition.

In addition, 34 universities and 223 disciplines in Jiangsu entered the top 1 percent in the world, according to the 2022 ESI (Essential Science Indicators) ranking, while nine universities were also recognized by the Ministry of Education as engineering research centers.

The province also held more than 2,300 job fairs to help college graduates find employment last year.


Southeast University in Jiangsu province [Photo/jiangsu.gov.cn]

International exchange and cooperation

Jiangsu has established 339 pairs of sister cities with 63 countries. The total number of bilateral and multilateral cooperation mechanisms between sister cities at the provincial level was increased to 14, and eight bilateral mechanism meetings were held with key sister cities. It has also held 42 economic, trade and cultural exchange activities to celebrate the anniversary with Jeonra Puk To in South Korea, Baden-Württemberg in Germany, Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands, New York State in the United States, and Victoria State in the Australia, and signed 36 cooperation agreements.

The province currently has 194 cooperatively-run education institutions and programs. Thirty-five Jiangsu universities and colleges have established 69 overseas educational institutions and programs in 26 overseas countries. Over the past five years, 190,000 foreign students from 182 countries have studied in Jiangsu.