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Nanjing University

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Overview: Founded in 1902, Nanjing University (NJU) enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad, listed as one of the first group of high-level universities in the national "Project 211", "Project 985" and"Double First-Class" project, and member of the China 9 League (C9).

Presently, NJU has 4 campuses, 33 schools and departments, and more than 2,000 faculty members. There are 40,053 full-time students, including 13,350 undergraduate students, 25,586 graduate students, and 1117 international students.

According to the Essential Science Indicators, 19 academic disciplines at NJU are ranked in the top 1% worldwide, making her one of the leading comprehensive universities in China. NJU was ranked 133rd in the QS World University Rankings 2022. In 2022, NJU was ranked 5th in the Global Nature Index among global universities and 3rd among Chinese universities.

NJU has been among the most active universities in carrying out international communication and cooperation, and has built close relationship with many first-class universities and research institutes around the world. The vision of NJU is to develop a world-class comprehensive, research-intensive and internationalized higher learning institution with top faculty, students and research.


Application Guide:

In general, NJU provides 61 bachelor's, 129 master's, and 55 doctoral programmes for international students, covering a wide range of disciplines in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, medicine, etc. The university also offers long-term Chinese language training.

The study duration of NJU's bachelor's and doctoral programmes is 4 years, while that of the master's programmes lasts from 2 to 3 years. If you choose our language training programme, your study duration can range from half a year to 2 years.

All of NJU's bachelor's programmes are taught in Chinese, with HSK 5 as the language requirement. Most of NJU's master's and doctoral programmes are also taught in Chinese, and the language requirements are HSK 4 (for the programmes in natural sciences, engineering, and medicine) or HSK 5 (for the programmes in humanities and social sciences). Besides, a few postgraduate programmes in social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering are taught in English, and the minimum language requirement is IELTS 6.0/TOEFL 85/Duolingo 100.

For detailed application instructions, please turn to:

https://hwxy.nju.edu.cn/lxnd/zsxx/bkxm/sbzn/index.html (Bachelor's programmes)

https://hwxy.nju.edu.cn/lxnd/zsxx/ssxm/DeclarationGuide/index.html (Master's programmes)

https://hwxy.nju.edu.cn/lxnd/zsxx/bsxm/DeclarationGuide/index.html (Doctoral programmes)

https://hwxy.nju.edu.cn/lxnd/zsxx/hyxx/zqhyjx/index.html (Long-term Chinese language training)


Main Programs:

In 2020, NJU newly launched a few featured master's programmes, 3 of which are taught in English and 1 in Chinese. The English-taught programmes involve information management, architecture, and urban planning, while the Chinese-taught programme is related to mass communications. All the programmes boast strong discipline support and highly internationalized faculty, with the aim of nurturing the innovative talents that can meet the actual needs of our time. Meanwhile, NJU's master's programme of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages and the non-degree language programme are also popular choices among our international students.

For more details of the above programmes, please turn to:

https://hwxy.nju.edu.cn/lxnd/zsxx/yyskzy/20220627/i224195.html (English-taught master's programme of Information Resources Management)

https://hwxy.nju.edu.cn/lxnd/zsxx/yyskzy/20220627/i224196.html (English-taught master's programme of Architecture)

https://hwxy.nju.edu.cn/lxnd/zsxx/yyskzy/20220627/i224197.html (English-taught master's programme of Urban Planning)

https://hwxy.nju.edu.cn/lxnd/zsxx/ssxm/szmtycb/index.html (Chinese-taught master's programme of Journalism and Communication)

https://hwxy.nju.edu.cn/lxnd/zsxx/ssxm/hygjjyzy/index.html (Chinese-taught master's programme of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages)

https://hwxy.nju.edu.cn/lxnd/zsxx/hyxx/zqhyjx/index.html (Non-degree language programme)

Contact Info: Tel: 86-25-83595068 (Bachelor's programmes)/86-25-83593586 (Master's and doctoral programmes)/86-25-83594535 (Language programme)

Email: qianyue@nju.edu.cn (Bachelor's programmes)/zqr@nju.edu.cn (Master's and doctoral programmes)/qiushuzhen@nju.edu.cn (Language programme)

Address: Office 514, Zeng Xianzi Building, 18 Jinyin Street, Nanjing 210008, P.R. China