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Overview: Situated in Suzhou, a metropolis well reputed in the world for its classic gardens, Soochow University is a key university of "Project 211", one of the first-batch universities of the "2011 Plan" and a member of "the Double First-Class" Initiative. Soochow University makes it the first university in China run with a modern university disciplinary system.

Soochow University has been further advancing the internationalization of education in an all-round way. It has established various inter-university exchange ties successively with more than 180 institutions of higher learning and research institutes from over 30 countries and regions. Its annual enrollments of overseas students, from over 60 countries and regions, are over 3,000 person-times. Since 2007, Soochow University has been working with Portland State University in co-establishing the Confucius Institute at Portland State University. In 2010, Soochow University was selected into "China-Africa 20+20 Project" by the Ministry of Education to assist the construction of Lagos University in Nigeria. In 2011, Soochow University founded the first-ever Chinese university overseas, that is, Soochow University in Laos. At present, Soochow University in Laos has been an important national stage and cultural icon in "the Belt and Road" Initiative.

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Currently, twelve disciplinary fields are offered at Soochow University, namely, philosophy, economics, the science of law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agronomy, medical science, management, and art. Soochow University offers 131 undergraduate majors, 51 stations of first-tier disciplines awarding master' s degrees, 24 stations awarding professional master's degrees, 28 stations of first-tier disciplines awarding doctoral degrees, 1 station awarding professional doctoral degrees, 29 postdoctoral mobile stations, 1 state first-level discipline, 4 national key disciplines and 20 preponderant disciplines among institutions of higher learning. By far, 9 disciplines, namely chemistry, physics, materials science, clinical medicine, engineering, pharmacology and toxicology, biology and biochemistry, neuroscience and behavioral science, molecular biology and genetics, have been listed among the top 1% of the global Essential Science Indicators (ESI), among which chemistry and materials science have ascended to the top 1‰.


Contact Info: Tel: +86-512-67165752

Email: studyinsuda@suda.edu.cn

Address: Yiyuan Building, Tiancizhuang Campus, Soochow University, No.333 Ganjiang East Road, Gusu District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China