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Russian student in Yangzhou fascinated by China through reading

english.jsjyt.edu.cn| Updated: June 9, 2023 L M S

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Kvasha Valerila. [Photo provided to english.jsjyt.edu.cn]

My name is Kvasha Valerila. I'm a Russian international student at Yangzhou Polytechnic Institute (YPI). When I set foot in the land of China, Yangzhou became my new home. As an international student, I have always been curious and fascinated by Chinese culture and history. Yangzhou, a city rich in tradition and cultural heritage, became the ideal starting point for my exploration of China.

I began to learn about the history and cultural background of Yangzhou through reading various books about the city. These books unveiled the scenic landscapes and ancient lanes of Yangzhou, filling me with anticipation for life in this city. I wanted to personally experience these attractions, feel the uniqueness of Yangzhou, and combine my firsthand experience with the knowledge from books to form a true perception of China.

Firstly, I visited the Slender West Lake in Yangzhou. The descriptions in books painted a picturesque picture of the lake, and my expectations were high. As I strolled along beside the lake, gazing at the shimmering ripples on the water's surface, I felt like I was immersed in a fairy tale world. The classical gardens and exquisite architecture beside me allowed me to experience the unique charm of traditional Chinese garden art. Sitting on the Fishing Platform in the middle of the lake, I looked out at the distant Wuting Bridge, savoring the essence of the green willows in spring. I could feel the passion and pursuit for life that the people of Yangzhou possess, their down-to-earth nature and contentment.

Next, I embarked on a journey to Shugang West Peak near Slender West Lake. I climbed along the mountain path, step by step, feeling the breath of the hills and the beauty of nature. When I reached the mountaintop and stood overlooking the entire city of Yangzhou, I was stunned by the magnificent scenery of this city. The mountains, waters, and cultural ambiance described in the books were all present before my eyes, and I couldn't help but feel proud of and delighted with my decision.

In addition to the beauty of the landscapes, the ancient lanes and dwellings of Yangzhou have always been "cultural symbols" that captured my imagination. I arrived at Dongguan Street, where many well-preserved Ming and Qing dynasty buildings and ancient alleys can be found. I strolled along the stone-paved road, feeling the weight of history and the traces of time. The traditional dwellings and quaint shops of Yangzhou made me feel as if I had traveled through time and connected with history. Here, I also had the privilege of getting to know some warm and friendly local residents who showed me the genuine kindness and simplicity of the people of Yangzhou.

Through these explorations and experiences, I gradually gained a deeper understanding of the Yangzhou described in the books and a more profound insight into the real China. This country possesses a rich history and culture, and every city has its unique charm and scenery. Yangzhou, one of the treasures of Chinese culture, showcases the profundity of Chinese traditional culture through its scenic landscapes and ancient lanes.

In my perception, the true China is full of wisdom and charm. The diligence and creativity of the Chinese people have contributed to the prosperity and progress of this nation.

As an international student studying in China, I deeply appreciate the vastness and profoundness of Chinese culture. I will continue to study hard, get closer to Chinese culture and its people, and share the beautiful stories of Yangzhou and China with more people. Through my personal experiences, I hope to convey my respect and love for Chinese culture and contribute to the friendship and exchanges between China and Russia.

Yangzhou has become my second home, and I have fallen deeply in love with its landscapes and cultural heritage. I believe that in the days to come, I will forge an even stronger bond with Yangzhou and build more bridges for friendship between China and Russia. Thank you, Yangzhou, for giving me such wonderful experiences and making me feel the infinite warmth and beauty of this land.