International students experience traditional Chinese festivities in Yangzhou

english.jsjyt.edu.cn| Updated: January 29, 2024 L M S


International students at Yangzhou Polytechnic College make Chinese steamed buns. [Photo/Yangtze Evening News]

The College of Biochemistry at Yangzhou Polytechnic College hosted a vibrant cultural event on Jan 19. Over 40 international students from countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Russia, and Turkmenistan tried their hands at making Chinese steamed buns to explore traditional Chinese culture and welcome the Chinese New Year, which begins on Feb 10.

The event came alive with lanterns and "Fu" (福) characters adorning walls, creating a joyous atmosphere. While kneading dough, the foreign students demonstrated their creativity by shaping the buns into various shapes, from rabbits and piglets to flowers. The students later consumed their culinary endeavors, savoring the delectable results.

For locals in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, steaming traditional treats before the Chinese New Year is a cherished tradition. "Immersing international students in this traditional custom allows them to better understand Yangzhou. We hope these students become active participants and storytellers of Yangzhou's unique cultural narrative," said the Party chief of the biochemistry college.


Steamed Chinese buns made by international students. [Photo/Yangtze Evening News]