Lianyungang welcomes US students in exchange program

english.jsjyt.edu.cn| Updated: June 24, 2024 L M S


US students learn to transplant rice seedlings in Lianyungang, Jiangsu. [Photo/Yangtze Evening News]

On June 17, Lianyungang in Jiangsu province welcomed 37 young Americans from nearly 30 cities in 14 states as part of the "Discover Jiangsu • American Youth Exchange Camp". The group embarked on a three-day visit to experience the enchanting scenery and unique culture of Lianyungang.


Participants in the exchange program learn tie-dyeing. [Photo/Yangtze Evening News]

The participants visited Xinhai Senior High School and Xinhai Junior High School, where they engaged in activities such as tai chi, calligraphy, ink painting, tie-dye, fan making, and classical dance. Chinese students performed poetry recitations and solos on traditional Chinese instruments, while their US counterparts contributed with piano solos and group choral performances.


Participants pose for photo at Yunyu Peak. [Photo/Yangtze Evening News]

The group also visited a folk custom museum, Haizhou City Memory Hall, and the Municipal Museum to learn about Lianyungang's history and local customs. They enjoyed performances at Huaguo Mountain and visited Yunyu Peak, the highest peak in Jiangsu.

In Donghai county, Lianyungang, the group toured the Donghai Crystal Museum to learn about the origins, types, and excavation processes of crystals. At the Donghai Crystal Carving Intangible Heritage Museum, they tasted mineral spring water and watched a film showcasing the dedication and efforts in preserving the art of crystal carving. A VR experience demonstrated the entire artistic process from crystal mining to polishing to creating finished pieces.

The exchange program provided an immersive cultural experience, deepening the young Americans' understanding of Chinese culture and fostering international friendship.