Chinese, US students create gourmet delights in Nanjing

english.jsjyt.edu.cn| Updated: July 8, 2024 L M S


Chinese and US high school students attend a banquet at the Nanjing Institute of Tourism and Hospitality. [Photo/Yangtze Evening News]

An exquisite evening banquet took place at the Nanjing Institute of Tourism and Hospitality on June 29, showcasing culinary delights crafted by more than 40 high school students from China and the United States.

Before the banquet, the students learned to prepare famous dishes from Jiangsu province at a training center run by the institute's school of cooking and nutrition. Divided into 10 groups, they learned how to make cold and hot Chinese dishes, traditional Chinese pastries, and Western desserts and beverages.


Students learn to make famous dishes from Jiangsu province. [Photo/Yangtze Evening News]

One of the evening's highlights was the Red Bean Osmanthus Glutinous Rice Cake, a traditional Chinese dessert enhanced with a creamy cheese filling, adding a rich texture to the classic treat.

Gao Zhibin, director of the training center, emphasized that activities like this provide foreign young people with a deeper understanding of Jiangsu's culinary culture.

The students involved came from three schools: Nanjing Foreign Language School, Regis High School, and Dominican Academy. They participated in the Guangqi Young Scholars Program, which was launched in New York in 2019. This program supports cross-cultural exchanges between Chinese and US high school students, aiming to cultivate future leaders with a global perspective and a spirit of service.