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About the course

Pathophysiology is a bridging course connecting basic medicine and clinical medicine, guiding students to construct medical knowledge system, training students to build medical dialectical thinking, facilitating students to become qualified doctors.

The main content of this course includes the conspectus of disease, and multiple basic pathological processes such as fever, hypoxia, shock, and clinical syndrome of organ system dysfunction such as heart, lung, liver and kidney, dissectting the common and collective rules and mechanisms of functional, metabolic and morphological alterations.

This course is characterized by proposing three layers of questions to elucidate each chapter topic - basic pathological process or clinical syndrome, involving with the onset (etiology), development (pathogenesis) and outcome (clinical manifestation) of the disease.

Pathophysiology knowledge are used by clinicians every day to explore the phenomenon and essence of diseases, so as to cope with the corresponding disease. According to the rule of the transforming of cause and effect, they can recognize the contrast between damage force and anti-damage force of disease, and reveal the possible mechanisms of disease onset and development, from the local and systemic perspective, from four levels of nerves, body fluids, cells to molecules, so as to prevent and treat disease, maintain the health of people!

About the teacher

Haiyan Shi, associate professor of Nantong University Medical School, master tutor, expert of basic discipline group of international medical education branch of China Education International Exchange Association, a deputy editor in chief of the 13th five year plan textbook "Pathophysiology". She presides over two NSFC projects, one provincial research project of modern educational technology, six teaching research and curriculum construction projects at university, and published more than ten research papers. She was awarded the titles of "May day women's pacesetter", "civilized teacher" in Nantong education system, and "advanced individual, excellent educator and favorite teacher of overseas students" in Nantong University.

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